About San Juan Wildlife Services

About Us

As a small business we pride ourselves on:

  • Over 25 years operational and management experience
  • Industry leadership in wildlife services  
  • Diversified team of diligent specialists  
  • Safety first protocol 
  • Professional and National Licenses and Certifications

San Juan Wildlife is a family owned and operated wildlife control service. We offer humane wildlife removal, as well as repair and exclusion services, to both residential and commercial properties in the Four Corners region.

Our company is licensed and certified as an advanced wildlife control operator and bat management professional. Providing the most humane and safe wildlife management practices are central to the solutions we implement.

​Furthermore, as a small business who cares about our native wildlife, we practice the GREEN INITIATIVE. This includes using only natural and mechanical means of prevention and control.

In addition to removal and management, our team also offers wildlife surveying and ArcGIS mapping services. The goal is to aid agencies in understanding the health of wildlife populations and, moreover, how wildlife habitat can be improved. 

Check out our surveying page for more details.


    Meet Owner & Operator – Tom Hayes

     Tom Hayes has over 25 years of operational and management experience. He also possesses an extensive background in the management of nuisance wildlife. For most of his life, Tom has lived in rural areas where he owned livestock. As a result, he is well aware of and experienced in managing the challenges wildlife can create. This is especially true within the rural setting.

    In addition, Tom has an abundance of experience in the building trades. His knowledge translates well into solutions necessary for repair and exclusion. Accordingly, he can mend damages caused by wildlife, as well as make improvements to prevent further conflicts.  

    On the whole, Tom has been learning the ins and outs of mitigating wildlife issues for many year. He is the certified wildlife expert you can count on.

    About San Juan Wildlife