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Lot Clearing

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Land and lot clearing for the purpose of encouraging vegetation restoration that will ultimately improve wildlife habitat, remove invasive weed species, increase forage for livestock, improve water quality, and reduce the threat of catastrophic wildfires.

Lot Clearing & Brush Hogging

We offer brush hogging and tree removal services. We’ll also clear shrubs, and other debris from around your property, fence rows, and structures

Residential & Commercial Properties

Our services are open to both private properties and businesses

Fuel Reduction

Wildfires are a part of life here in Colorado. Reducing fuels around your home or business by removing unwanted debris helps minimize the threat of wildfires to your lands and structures

Lot Clearing?

We’ve got you covered.

Whether you want to clear a plot of land for building, reduce fuels around your current residence, or improve wildlife and native plant habitat on your property, our Toolcat Utility Work Machine can handle the job.

This small but mighty piece of equipment is capable of mowing through, moving and piling heavy brush.

Our Recent Lot Clearing Projects

Lot Clearing
Lot Clearing

Brush Hogging Services

Unused fields can become overgrown and unruly. We can help you take care of them.

Our Massey Ferguson tractor, equipped with brush hogger, is ready and able to clear large tracts of land for farming or pastures.

Lot Clearing

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San Juan Wildlife provides land and lot clearing services to Southwest Colorado. Don’t hesitate to give us call if you aren’t sure whether or not we operate in your area.