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After trying other services for two years, I finally found the right guy for gopher control on my property. Tom always responds promptly to requests and is thorough with his safe and humane treatments. Thanks, Tom!

Hildreth Cooper

Tom Hayes of San Juan Wildlife Services is great to work with! He is incredibly responsive, professional, and easy to work with. He responded in a timely fashion and offered same-day services. We plan to use him in the future and would highly recommend him to others!

Mary Beth Miles

Tom was thoughtful and thorough with his wildlife services. I was pleased with his responses both to my concerns and to my philosophy with my farm operations. My only regret is not enlisting his services sooner!

Lindsay Hayes

Tom is wonderful to work with and super knowledgeable about the best, most efficient, and most importantly HUMANE ways to remove unwanted critters from your property.

Sean Moriarty

Tom was very helpful and did a great job!

Adrienne Murphy

Very quick response time, a very thorough job done and professional. I would highly recommend these services.

Lauren Wilson

Tom Hayes was very professional and got rid of my gophers!

Jan Lewis

I worked with Tom on a property in CO and he was excellent to work with! I would highly recommend him and will be using his services in the future.

Charlie Celsi

I had a rodent problem that I thought for sure there was no way to solve without going the chemical route. Tom was able to help me totally solve the problem! I am so grateful for his hard work, knowledge and willingness to hang in there with a positive attitude on the most difficult of challenges. I highly recommend Tom for his services!

Kim Grant

Tom Hayes was the upmost of professional, humane, expedient, and reasonably priced. We were amazed at how quickly Tom responded to our request to eradicate skunks from under a shed on our property. Since the shed is close to our house, we were incredibly concerned about how the trapping would go. Tom has a gift in working with animals. We would absolutely recommend him to anyone with a critter issue.


Tom Hayes, of San Juan Wildlife Services, recently came to eradicate moles on my property. I immediately knew by my cat’s habits that Tom’s first attempt went a long way toward changing things around here!

My cat completely stopped his constant daily hunt by the mole hills the day after Tom’s work. My cat now spends his time on birds around the house and mice at the bottom of a far field. I must add that rarely have I met a service provider more kind, thoughtful, flexible and willing to help as Tom. We met at The Home and Ranch Show and he followed up in a timely, professional fashion.

Robin Wiles

Tom Hayes was fantastic to work with and I would recommend him to anyone for animal control in the Four Corners. Thanks Tom!

Tyler Rice

“Tom was thoughtful and thorough with his wildlife services.  I was pleased with his response both to my concerns and to my philosophy with my farm operations.  My only regret is not enlisting his services sooner!”

Lee Ann

“Tom’s service exceeded expectations. He responded quickly to emails and phone calls, had GREAT advice, and solved our packrat problem in a humane way. Ours was a tricky problem and San Juan Wildlife delivered! “

Robyn D.

“This is a good company for serving any of the problems you might have. Call Tom Hayes, he has the knowledge and does a great job. Highly recommend him.”

Mary Bates

It was perfect timing when I received a postcard in the mail from Tom Hayes advertising his business for removing nuisance wildlife. I had just discovered a problem in my basement of mice chewing through some wires. I called Tom and he promptly came out and assessed the situation and got to work. He is thorough, efficient, honest, knowledgeable, professional and extremely friendly. I highly recommend him.


I contacted Tom at San Juan Wildlife for a mouse problem I was having in my home. He is easy to reach and came out promptly to assess the problem.  There were multiple large open areas and nesting under the home.   He did a thorough job of repairing/sealing them and deterring future problems and, most importantly, I have not had a problem since!


He was the best thing I ever ran across, he immediately responded and came out the same day. My neighbors had moles that came into my yard, I tried to work with my neighbors, but they wouldn’t work with me. Tom called them and took care of the whole problem. He is fantastic!

Jane W.

Thank you for coming out so soon and helping us with our Vole problem. I think there’s one spot where we are having a reoccurrence but for the most part things seem a lot better, looking forward to calling u back in the Spring. Have a great Winter Sir ….


Tom was fantastic! We had a nuisance raccoon that needed a little extra incentive and Tom was great. He was fast and very professional. He also checked in with us regularly. I would recommend San Juan Wildlife Services. It is refreshing to deal with someone of integrity.


Tom saved the day, and the rest of the chickens, when I found the raccoon in the hen house. Thanks, Tom, for responding so quickly on a Sunday morning!