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There are numerous varieties of wasps in Southwest Colorado. Some species are solitary, while others are considered social. Social wasps live in colonies and are typically the species that nest and become a nuisance around homes and places of business.

While these insects do not typically sting unless threatened, they can quickly become aggressive – especially when nesting in an area that is frequently disrupted.

A wasps hostility understandably makes them unwelcomed neighbors. They do have their benefits, though. Many wasps are predators and help keep insect pest populations under control. Others aid in plant pollination. 

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Wasp Removal & Prevention in Colorado


Wasps frequently nest in eaves, gutters, under roofs, or other crevices on or around homes. They are attracted by gardens where they either hunt other insects or help with plant pollination.

Improperly sealed trash cans may also draw wasps that are seeking a source of food.

Many products on the market (namely sprays) can help prevent wasps from nesting around your property. However, these products are not always helpful once nests are established.

One must always be cautious when dealing with a colony of wasps. A wasp sting can be painful and, for some, will cause an allergic reaction. Plus, the insects are often capable of stinging multiple times.

Whether or not you are allergic, we understand that wasp eradication can be a necessity for your business or family. If you have any questions or require immediate assistance with a wasp issue, do not hesitate to reach out. San Juan Wildlife has the resources and experience to quickly and safely take care of any potentially dangerous situation.


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