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Bird Removal & Control Services in Colorado

Southwest Colorado Local Animal Control & Removal

bird removal coloradoWhile birds are an important part of our natural environment, they can sometimes create issues by finding shelter in our homes. 

In Southwest Colorado, birds can cause a ton of damage to a property whether it be a business, garage, home, attic, shed, or other location that has good conditions for a bird to nest.

Not only can it be costly if a bird has been nesting on your property for a long time, but their droppings can contain a number of diseases, fleas, lice, and ticks. 

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Bird Nuisance in Colorado


bird nest problem coloradoThere are multiple situations that can call upon professional removal of birds in southwest Colorado. 

Some pest situations may include feeding on agricultural products, nesting in buildings, destroying vegetation, droppings, odor, and hazardous working conditions.

If you need immediate assistance with a bird issue, do not hesitate to reach out to us as San Juan Wildlife LLC. As with all of our services, we will make sure to remove and relocate the birds in a safe and humane manner.

We provide animal control and removal services in the following areas:

Allison, Arboles, Bayfield, Cahone, Cortez, Dolores, Dove Creek Durango, Fort Lewis, Gem Village, Hermosa, Hesperus, Ignacio, Mancos, Marvel, Mesa Verde, Pagosa Springs, Pleasant View, Rico, Silverton, Towaoc, Vallecito, Yellow Jacket.