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San Juan Wildlife Services is a wildlife control operator providing environmental evaluation and recommendations for discouraging nuisance wildlife.

We offer humane wildlife removal, as well as repair and exclusion services to both residential and commercial properties.

These services are offered throughout the Four Corners region:



Wildlife Control Practices & Products


There are many products out on the market that claim to take care of pest, rodent, and wildlife issues. However, most of these products are not safe for the environment or the animal.

Such products are more of a “temporary” fix rather than a long-term solution to a troublesome situation.

That said, the employees at San Juan Wildlife, LLC are professionally trained and knowledgeable in implementing the most humane and effective techniques for taking care of wildlife problems. We make sure to provide solutions that are successful and lasting.

Call us today – (970) 570-9922 – and get a free quote on the removal of any pest or animal you may be dealing with on your property.

Wildlife Removal
San Juan Wildlife Services is a proud member of the National Wildlife Control Operators Association and is a Certified Wildlife Control Operator.

Commercial applicators are licensed by the Colorado Department of Agriculture.

Wildlife Removal

Our Wildlife Removal Ethics


Wildlife need to live in their natural habitat rather than making themselves comfortable in your home! Sharing a space with any critter can result in unhealthy conditions for the animal and yourself.

Our team respects the native Colorado wildlife and, thus strives to make every process involved in pest control or animal trapping humane and safe. We ensure that every problem is dealt with quickly and effectively as possible.

Keeping humane practices central in every process that we work with is of utmost importance to us.

When a problem presents itself, we recommend that you contact a professional right away. Trying to deal with a wildlife issue yourself can be hazardous to you and the animal. Therefore, handling wildlife should always be left to a trained expert in wildlife control.

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Wildlife Control

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