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mancos colorado vole removalMoles and voles can many times be confused with each other. While there are many burrowing pests in Southwest Colorado, moles are rarely foudn in the area as compared to voles.

Voles, also known as “meadow mice”, are small rodents similar to a mouse but have a shorter, hairier tail, rounder head, smaller eyes and ears, and a larger body. Their appearance is often charcoal grey or light brown in color.

They are active year round and can be distinguished by small trails in the grass, the removal of a strip of bark around small shrubs (such as Junipers), clipped grass, and open holes in damp areas or rock walls.

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Voles in Colorado


mancos colorado vole controlVoles are often unseen rodents and they can cause a good deal of damage to a property. They do most of their burrowing underground and their tunnels go much deeper than other burrowing rodents like gophers and moles.

Not only is the large underground system created by voles a threat to the structure of a property, but they can also attract other larger animals such as coyotes, weasels, and snakes.

While there are many DIY methods of vole control on the market, they are known to be ineffective in controlling such a difficult pest.

If you need immediate assistance with a vole issue, reach out to us as San Juan Wildlife LLC and we can help you clear the issue from your property.

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