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Prarie Dog Removal & Control Services

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mancos colorado prairie dogPrairie dogs can be a nuisance to any homeowner with tearing up gardens and causing damage to the foundation of a structure. 

While their tunneling can cause issues, they are notorious for digging, gnawing, and chewing. 

They are part of the squirrel family of rodents and can live in communities of hundreds of individuals.

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Gunnison’s Prairie Dogs in Colorado


Prairie Dog SW ColoradoGunnison’s prairie dogs are found primarily in the Four Corners region of North America. They tend to be 12 – 14 in. in length with their tails at around 1-2 inches. 

You can tell this species apart by their yellow-toned coat with black hairs. Their head also tends to be distinctively darker than the rest of their body.

Another physical trait that sets them apart is the placement of the eyes. The prairie dog has a wide peripheral vision with their eyes located on the sides of their heads. This allows the prairie dog to spot predators more quickly. 

Not only can prairie dogs be a nuisance by chewing on material and digging tunnels, but they can also attract unwanted predators to your home. 

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